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In this free seven-day email course:

Learn why current motivational strategies prevent most INFJs from reaching their potential.
Learn why INFJs, while among the most intelligent personality types, feel stuck, unable to break out and lead a successful life on their terms.
Learn why making our dreams reality won't help us find meaning in our lives.
Learn why INFJs mistake their source of confidence and therefore hold themselves back from succeeding.
Learn how we as INFJs subconsciously compare ourselves to others and their standards, and why this attitude is completely irrational and therefore irrelevant.

After you have completed the seven-day course, you will know:

  • What BelowTheRadar-AboveTheSystem is all about.
  • How a perceived "rock bottom" can be the best thing that ever happened to you.
  • How the saying "Why everybody is a genius, but if you measure a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will always think it is stupid" could be your new life motto.
  • How to live a happy, fulfilled and successful life as an INFJ on your own terms — feeling content and energized enough to conquer the world.

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Learn what prevents most INFJs from living a successful and fulfilling life and how to reach your potential within our extroverted society
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If you're fed up with not knowing what to do with your life, if you know you have so much to offer but somehow can't manage to find the right outlet, if you are frustrated with seeing other people achieve their dreams while you're stuck in life and don't know where to begin, then you definitely need to subscribe.

Learn …
… facts and techniques that will transform your self-view so you can finally be successful on YOUR terms. This is not about empty psychological phrases …

… it's about hands-on strategies and tactics that have already helped many people achieve success in their lives — BUT from an INFJ point of view. We as INFJs know that we need to find meaning behind our quests, and here you will find the key to that search.

What an irony … although INFJs are by default true visionaries, with immense imaginations and strong minds, 90 percent of all INFJs will be stuck, wondering about the meaning of life and frustrated that they're going nowhere.

Please check out the following page to see the results of a study that show how average household income is connected to personality type.

(Sure, we INFJs are not about the money, but the graph is still clearly illustrates the dissatisfaction that most INFJs feel.)

Are you sure you want to duplicate that?

Nobody does, so open your mind to a new concept that can change your life forever. The people who have achieved success in their lives have one thing in common: they all have an unbeatable mindset and know exactly how to follow through on what makes them happy.

Most INFJ just submit to the fact that the world is not made for them and give up on their dream of finding an outlet for and recognition of their exceptional gifts.

Others follow in the footsteps of successful sensors or extroverts, believing that we are all motivated by the same basic needs and goals. That is not true. We as INFJs follow a specific abstract thought process that leads to indifference for others' "objective" successes like status and recognition. If our deeds are not in line with our vision, we're just not going to care.

Steve Jobs said: "No matter what you do, if you want to be successful it is going to be hard, so you have to LOVE what you do, otherwise everybody would give up - no one is THAT insane."

The method that you'll learn here will finally help you find the key to your PERSONAL success and open your mind to a life in which you are able to fulfill your dreams without being held back by limits you perceive right now.

With the BelowTheRadar-AboveTheSystem method, you don't have to torture yourself anymore,

We don't lie to ourselves.

We don't wonder why we see the world through different eyes.

We don't pity ourselves but give ourselves the opportunity to control our attitude and to pursue the goals we truly want — setting our own individual ambitions on our terms, without any external validation necessary.

Figure out how you can feel accomplished, satisfied and content — know that you are using your given life to the fullest.
Get the fullfillment that comes from designing your life on your terms.
*Your privacy is very important to us. By signing up, you are subscribing to the 5 day mini course as a start to my newsletter. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter with every email you receive, with just two clicks at the end of each email. 
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Wenzes is very well prepared professional, wise and full of positive ideas. Personal sessions with Wenzes helped me a lot to go over my fears and limitations. When I started with her I was having a hard time at work and also in my personal life. She supports me to organize my activities to be more efficient and to have more energy, contributing not only to my own development but also to the people that surround me. She also enlightened me to be aware of my emotions and acknowledging them in order to reach a more balanced space. I can highly recommend coaching sessions with Wenzes, without a doubt deep and meaningful changes will occur in your life during this journey with her.
Follow your insight!

Marcia Gaete 
Principal Investigator at Embryology lab
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

I have grown leaps and bounds in the six months I have committed to coaching with Wenzes—professionally, physically, mentally and emotionally. My work output is impressive and my confidence is at an all time high. I can’t wait to see what we can achieve in the next 6 months of working together. 


I took 3-month coaching with Wenzes because after finishing my PhD, I was feeling stuck, struggling with defining my further career goals and with getting the motivation to get anything done. Talking to Wenzes helped me in many ways, she is such an inspiring, supportive and motivating person! She encouraged me to try new things and helped me to feel better about myself, which created positive changes in my life! Now I have many plans that I will continue to work on :)
I really enjoyed talking to her, and I am very happy that I had coaching sessions with her. Thank you so much Wenzes!


Wenzes is a brilliant human and a focused, hard-working and dedicated coach. In the time I was privileged to have worked with her I was able to move forward in several areas I had been stagnated for years. She provided me with enough reassurance and direction that I did not feel overwhelmed and was able to build confidence, consistency and motivation while still being accountable for my actions. I felt completely comfortable with her and her approach- which was tailored to my needs, wants and lifestyle- and loved that she was never afraid to tell me the truth while remaining ever tactful and professional. Wenzes is brilliant, powerful and commands respect. I highly suggest you take the initiative to make room for her in your life as the rewards are endless. Completely worth every second. Thanks a million Wenzes, you are a shining star.


Some tough circumstances in my personal life were the wake-up call I needed to realize there were things I had to get to the bottom of. For a long while I had felt like my head was disconnected from my body. True happiness and excitement were feelings I were unable to feel – I had locked them away along with negative feelings such as anger. I realized I had cultivated a growing belief that I am only worthy of other people’s acceptance and respect if I am of service to them and can figure out their needs. That I had to be perfect and never put myself in a position where I would risk to stand on somebody’s toes. Wenzes showed me how wrong this is – both to me and the people I was trying to soothe. She helped me get on a much more beneficial path. After each coaching session I felt more empowered to go out in the world and claim my right to stand out, be happy, just be me. Over the years I had come to the belief that my introvert personality kept me from living what Wenzes calls “an epic life”. Exactly that is now what I am going for, and all aspects of my life has changed to the better much faster than I would even have dreamed of 3 months ago. I can only warmly recommend hiring Wenzes as your coach. It requires motivation – of course – and most of the work you have to do yourself. But even when I felt like I had figured myself out, she would always offers something new that I had not thought of, and that would help me grow. It has been such an amazing journey!


Wenzes has the ability to combine genuine empathy with deep professionalism and a proactive, rational outlook. She manages to involve herself, her story and her whole personality in her coaching in ways that bring a very valuable element of trust and sincerity that cannot be replicated and cannot be faked. While holding space and showing respect for my emotional experiences, she manages to guide me towards a solution on my own terms. Her presence in my life for the past years, both coaching and other resources, has brought invaluable transformation for me. 


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